Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

Monday, December 12, 2011

Prioritizing QUALITY than QUANTITY

Assalamu alaykum
Reading of some voice-of-contention forced me to sit and think how the people around particularly parents conceived about children. 
Always be heard "membesarkan keluarga, meramaikan umat, memperbanyakkan zuriat" and more variety of rhetorical when attending talks and speech. 
But how do we as a smart-talented-parent-to-be considered it in our family? 
In reality of community we find a lot of raff rather than children who trained to form into a pillar of strength Islam. 
To whom should be blamed? Thumb up to a hendolism-materialism parents; fairly I believe most people with a well mindset agreed it too. 
Hendolism known as "pandangan hidup yang menganggap bahawa orang akan menjadi bahagia dengan mecari kebahagiaan sebanyak mungkin dan sedapat mungkin sehingga menghindari perasaan-perasaan yag menyakitkan". 
Remembering that we have been thought to practicing a few matter with some specific rules heading of Islam. Fiqh-Aulawiyat(Fiqh Keutamaan) is once of  the methods. 
Will continue discuss about Fiqh-Aulawiyat, InsyAllah..

Our children our responsibility 

Granted to me & hubby from Allah The Almighty, Alhamdulillah 



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