Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

Friday, October 17, 2008

--->>why i luv him?

It's not bcoz of his chubby chic..
Its not bcoz of his cute face..
It's not bcoz of his tough body..
It's not bcoz of his muscle arm..
It's becoz of him...ABDUL RAHIM..

tak kenal maka tak cinta..

*we all naik cameron ikot jln gopeng*konon2 takut lalu tapah sbb jln bengkang-bengkok*baru half way, dah mula rsa sejuk n air cond dah blh off*happy sgt masa tuh coz only he n me in d skyline*hey, we never do anything haa..*we all sempat singgah gerai buah n buy some starwbeey but its quit masam*sampai jer kat petronas Brincang, our friends in kancil bcome panic*manenyer x panic, penutup minyak itam kete tuh ilang*ish,xkn nk pi cari*abeh sumer minyk tumpah*just imagine..tersgt lar kotor nyer kat area enjin tuh*aper lg, my hero pon volunteer nk g bli bende alah penutup tuh*yes,blh ikut dia!=)*Alhamdulillah jumper..*after siap cuci enjin tuh, terus cek in*trasa penat tp tak lar sepenat my hero yg drive dr kl*sepanjang hari tuh, i feel happy sgt*he alwaz beside me*baru beberapa hari kenal tp dh mula rasa suka,sayang n i'm very confident nk idup ngan dia*"zura,take time 2 know him n kenal ati budi dier dulu.."ta kenal maka tak cinta..

2 days in Cameron=)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

start miss him^^

after jumpe n alwaz dinner together,i feel sumthing will going on*i miss him so much*but i still remember..NEVER TALK BOUT FEELINGS IF THEY AREN'T RELLY THERE*so, cool*i plan with jaja,asma n kemi*let's go cameron for holiday*both of them excited n rent kancil*dlm kpala nih dok pikir, xkan ako naik skyline putih dier?blh ke kete dier tu jln jauh2?huh..*quit risau*our plan menjadi..*Alhamdulillah,we arrived n check in Equatorial cameron around 3p.m on 4th.december.2006*

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1sT daTiNg..

*1st dating on 23.sept.06 at tasek titiwangsa*

at dat time, dua2 shy-shy cat*we never talk 2 much*acctually at d day we all tlg hantar "mak cik" yg nk pindah umah* yes, by skyline colour putih*after dats singgah mid vell till 6 o'clock*dah x tau nk g mne*singgah plak tititwangsa*just site at kerusi kayu yang basah n tgk couple2 like us with alwaz smile n b'gurau senda*we r happy together n will remember the sweet memory till d end*

bout' myself..

I never know what to write in introductions... This isn't the first time I've tried to start a blog. I guess I stopped writing because nobody read what I wrote, probably because I never told anyone I had a blog.

Actually, I don't even know why I'm typing in english which is my second language (malay being my first). I guess it's because I want to perfect my english, so if you notice any mistakes, don't hesitate and tell me.

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